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Dj Tear - Volume 1

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Staff member
May 13, 2019
Shoupz submitted a new resource:

Dj Tear - Volume 1 - Dj Tear - Volume 1

01 - Dj Tear - Intro
02 - Dj Tear - Time
03 - Dj Tear - I Saw A Light
04 - Dj Tear - Where Are You
05 - Dj Tear - Come And Get My Love
06 - Dj Tear - Just Be Dub To Me (Hybrid)
07 - Dj Tear - Right Here Waiting
08 - Dj Tear - Like A Prayer (Ft. Dynasty)
09 - Dj Tear - Imperfect Girl
10 - Dj Tear - Heartbreak Lullaby (Ft. Hybrid)
11 - Dj Tear - Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Ft. Hybrid)
12 - Dj Tear - I Believe (Ft. Yaowen)
13 - Dj Tear - Heaven Is A Place On Earth
14 - Dj Tear - Shine
15 - Dj...
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May 25, 2020
From this screen, go to the 'Go To Download' icon on the top right of this web screen after scrolling up, click it. A pop up should appear telling you two check boxes, one Open With and Save To. Check the box Save To. I'm not sure if it will happen to you, but I had to re-click refresh a few times as download failed every 20 or so seconds and it would then continue downloading where it left off. Once your file is done saving, you'll need a program to extract the file to make it playable on whatever media player you have on your PC.

Oh yeah, if you don't know where to refresh download, look for a Arrow Down button on the right hand corner of Firefox next to the bookmark icon.
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