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  1. Laev

    In the event it would happen...

    ...what would you want to see in a private server from Shoupz? TBC? Wrath? PvP-centric? Leveling? Insta-70/80? Just jot your ideas down. Might be useful, in the event he does decide to tackle a project again.
  2. Laev

    Shoupz making a come back?

    Well, I mean, if goaded enough, I'm sure he'd make SOMETHING, but... ...the private server crowd is full of P2W nonsense. Those kids got spoiled with abusing mommy and daddy's credit cards, so they'd expect some favoritism. More so than before. :V
  3. Laev

    this is cool

    As of this posting, he has no plans.
  4. Laev

    This just in:

    There's a Laev in your forums. Don't feed him. He might ravage your calves.
  5. Laev

    Shoupz making a come back?

    No server. Just old school tunes from Shoupz.
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