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  1. Midna


    How does one even go about finding Shoupz now? I thought all people on here were from the old days. Are you into music making or what? Welcome.
  2. Midna

    Shoupz making a come back?

    It'd be great if Shoupz were to make a TBC server. As you said; most people on here will probably be playing on Classic, so either that or a Wotlk server. Personally I'd like a high-rate server, since I'll barely have time to level up on Classic once it comes out. I haven't messed around in...
  3. Midna

    Picture collectively made by Shoupz members back in 2012 or something.

    Remember this masterpiece, you old dogs? This is from a thread where you updated the picture with each post. Gotta love my obnoxious input on this one.
  4. Midna

    Welcome Back

    Damn, what a nice surprise. Been a while, my dudes!
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