Welcome To Shoupz

Welcome to the new Shoupz! We have re-invented our site, our look, our concept, and our philosophies. Read our manga, watch our anime, listen to music, and join our community! There is a lot to do here. Our main focus is to keep you entertained.

We want to "wow" you instead of bore you.

We are glad you are here. We are glad that you are back. We hope you enjoy this new environment. We are excited to meet every one of you. Join our community and make sure you Like our Facebook page and spread the word!

Read Manga

Read Manga Online. Here at Shoupz, we have a great selection of manga for you to read. It is okay to be picky. We understand it's hard to choose.

Our manga reader is fast, quick, and we try to give you the highest quality. We have plenty of updates and will continue to expand it daily. If we don't have it, request it. We'll get right on it!

Watch Anime

Watch Anime Online. We believe anime and manga go together like cookies and milk. We focus on only giving you the highest quality of anime to watch.

Our quality is better than most anime streaming sites out there. You will notice the difference right away! We already have some in High Definition!

Watch Drama

Watch Drama Online. Are you a fan of Asian Dramas? That's great. We have that here too!

Just as the anime we have here. We try to give you the best quality possible.

Our library is just starting but it will continue to grow. Just stick around and see what it will become.

Listen To Music

Listen to Music Online. We also have music here as well. We are here to give you the ultimate entertainment experience.

You'll be able to stream music you may might not heard before, hard to find music, and some common stuff. Our collection will vary.


We have downloads.

We have a lot of EDM, manga, and others for download

Download all our classic break beat albums, trance albums, and much more!

All our downloads are free, however, registration is required.

Fast Server

Our servers are optimized.

Once you start reading manga at Shoupz, you will fall in love with it. Our servers are fast.

When you start streaming, you'll be amaze at the quality and speed. You'll be hooked.

Once you get comfortable here, you will not be able to find another place to meet your needs.


Most of our content is mobile ready. We have tested on multiple devices; however, it may not work on some.

We are still in the process of future proofing the site and making it compatible across all platforms.

We will continue development on the mobile part of Shoupz, but most will be able to access our content across your mobile devices.


We wish you become a part of our community. By joining, you'll make new friends, get perks, and it'll feel like home.

We believe that the community is the core. Without one, there is no website.

We are always looking for feedback, and would love to meet new people all over the internet.